Gold: $1,460.0018.60 Silver: $16.600.43

90% Silver: $1 Face Value (0.715-oz Silver per $1 FV) Mixed Types (Our Choice)

As low as: $11.54
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Volume Pricing

Lowest Prices

1 – 9$11.99($0.12 Over Spot)
10 – 99$11.77(-$0.10 Over Spot)
100 – 499$11.66(-$0.21 Over Spot)
500+$11.54(-$0.33 Over Spot)

Prices for Direct Bank Transfer

1 – 9$11.99($0.12 Over Spot)
10 – 99$11.77(-$0.10 Over Spot)
100 – 499$11.66(-$0.21 Over Spot)
500+$11.54(-$0.33 Over Spot)

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Order as much, or as little as you choose – In the Quantity box above, simply enter the  Face Value denomination you would like to receive ( ex: for $5 Face Value, enter 5, for $50 Face Value, enter 50). Quantities of $100, $500 or $1000 Face Value are shipped in heavy canvas bank bags for easy storage and transport. Get your 90% silver coins securely shipped from a dealer you can trust. These 90% silver coins will contain a variety of pre-1964 U.S. coins in dimes and quarters.

Sometimes, these coins are referred to as “junk silver,” not because they are less profitable to invest in but because, more times than not, the coins are well worn after years of public circulation.  Many investors prefer these 90% coins to other bullion assets, especially if they are concerned about societal, political or economic factors which could cause a currency collapse.

In this scenario, 90% silver coins would be a natural choice, already being recognized as a familiar currency in the U.S. and being backed by the pure silver value of the exchange. In this way, pre-1964 silver coins are seen as being more “street-wise” than other bullion choices.

Having 0.715 ounces of pure silver per $1 Face Value in the highly recognized and usable format of circulated U.S. coinage, 90% silver is among the most liquid, versatile, private and portable bullion investments available. Made up of a random selection of dimes and quarters, you will immediately recognize the heft, weight and “feel” of real money — money with lasting value and hard-earned respect.

Every package we ship is 100% fully insured and packaged to ensure your privacy, safety and security.

Have questions? We are here to help you with any questions you may have about the 90% silver coins we sell, silver spot prices or any of our other products. Contacting us is easy. Simply call us toll-free at (877) 360-3945 or email us your questions.

We look forward to helping answer your questions or simply walking you through our simple, fast and secure online ordering of our silver bullion products.

Additional Information

IRA Eligible



United States Mint

Metal Type


Actual Metal Weight

0.715 Troy Ounce Silver



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