Gold: $1,463.9010.20 Silver: $16.950.19

Buy-Back Guarantee

One primary reason people purchase precious metals involves the ability to convert it almost instantly to usable currency through a strong secondary market. This happens anywhere and everywhere in the world every day, making precious metals one of the most portable tangible assets. Talk about value!

At Heartland, we understand that you will very likely want or need to sell your precious metals at some point. In making an informed decision you need to know the “spread” – the difference between the market purchase price and market selling price at any given point in time. We clearly provide this spread information and believe that this transparency sets Heartland Precious Metals apart.

Our “Buy-Back Guarantee” is simple – we will ALWAYS buy back any product that we sell at We clearly post exactly what we will pay you for those products, giving you an accurate, up to the second spread on each and every product we have available. Armed with this knowledge, our customers are empowered to make decisions that meet their specific needs and financial goals. To learn more, please visit our Sell To Us page.

Even if you initially purchased your precious metals elsewhere, there is no need to haggle or worry as our “Buy-Back” prices are clearly posted and continually updated. If you have other products that we do not actively carry on our site, we will most likely make you a very attractive offer on those as well – simply call our trading desk for a quote.

Obviously we do not know what the market will do. But we can help you purchase and sell your precious metals through a simple, honest and transparent process.

Give us a try. Call us at (877) 360-3945 and speak with our Trading Department for up to the second pricing on what we will pay you for your gold, silver, platinum or palladium coins, bars and rounds. We are confident that once you experience the Heartland way, you will choose to do business with us over and over again.

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