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At Heartland we consider our most precious commodity to be our people. We decided early that we would foster a culture that focused on seven bedrock principles:

  1. Put Faith in Action – We think that being a faith-based company is more than a statement, more than a logo or symbol placed on our site. Faith does not mean much if you do not practice it daily in every situation. We want to do the right thing for the right reasons and build our company in a way that demonstrates by our actions who we are and what we stand for in the long run.
  2. Family and Life Balance are Critical – A healthy balance in life is essential, and without it things quickly get out of control. The constant demands and tension between work and family makes them seem diametrically opposites, but you can strike a balance if you are willing to invest the effort. Having a fantastically successful business can be lonely and unfulfilling without supportive loved ones and family to share it, while a great personal and family life without making ends meet results in terrible frustration. We know because we have seen both sides of the coin. The secret to a good life is balance, and one of our core values is to constantly seek to improve our balance.
  3. Serve Our Customers – We recognize that our business, no matter how valuable a product, will fail if we do not provide excellent customer service. While many companies build what they want, and then try to force fit customers into this mold – we take a completely opposite approach. We want to build a company around our customers, where we have to be flexible and adapt to the needs of our customers.
  4. Have Fun and be a Team – We like to work hard together, but being a real team means sharing the enjoyable parts of life together, too. We build our relationships outside the job and we are serious about not taking ourselves too seriously. We are people first, friends second and in business third.
  5. Be True and Sincere – In today’s day and age you can make any company look sophisticated and sleek, sound great and polished or cater to any specific group of potential customers. We want you to see that we are real people with the same dreams, same problems, and same challenges. So, we are who we are and, without apology, we wear jeans to work in the winter, and in summer we may wear shorts; all while delivering extremely professional service. That is who we are – just regular people who like being around one another and want to deliver the best service and ideal selection of products to help meet the needs of our customers.
  6. Do Something Different – We chose to do something different with Heartland. We looked at our customers’ needs and desires, and decided to only offer preferred products while providing greater savings to our customers. Our collective decades of experience in the precious metals and rare coin industry provided us the experience to improve an unregulated industry through honest and ethical practices and to really try to build something radically different.
  7. Admit Our Failures – We all make mistakes. We are human just like you and we mess up from time to time. Wisdom is learning from past mistakes and trying really hard not to learn the same lesson twice. When we mess up, we will own it and we will do everything we can to make it right, starting with an apology. That is the right thing to do. We cannot be perfect, but we can all strive for excellence, learn from our failures, and remain teachable and humble in the process.

If your core values match up with these and you think you would like to be surrounded by others that strongly feel the same way, then we may well be looking for you. Take a minute and tell us about yourself, attach your resume and let us talk about it.

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