Gold: $1,251.205.90 Silver: $16.570.15

Gold Surges, Global Stocks Slide As “Super Thursday” Risks Loom

With traders realizing that the “Thursday Turmoil Trifecta” looms, world stocks dropped and safe-haven assets rose as investors focused on the growing tension in the Middle East, while caution spread across markets in a week full of risk events including James Comey’s congressional testimony to the ECB’s policy meeting and Britain’s increasingly uncertain election, all […]

Exposing “The Legend” – How Traders ‘Spoofed’ The Precious Metals Markets

Following last week’s admission by a former Deutsche Bank trader that he and many other traders conspired to manipulate the precious metals markets, court documents expose chat messages that show the level of rigging and how an uknown trader known as “the legend” taught them the “tricks from the… master.” The Deutsche Bank trader, David […]

Gold Breaks Major Resistance Trendline

Having spiked to just shy of 2017 highs, gold has broken the major trend across the highs since Jul. ’16 at 1,281. It’s also through a longer-term trendline formed across the highs since Sep. ’11 (1,274). As a result, according to Goldman’s chief technician Sheba Jafari, the next big pivot area in focus is up […]

Recession Watch – Fall 2017

Authored by EconomicPrism’s MN Gordon, via, One Ear to the Ground, One Eye to the Future Treasury yields are attempting to say something.  But what it is exactly is open to interpretation.  What’s more, only the most curious care to ponder it. Like Southern California’s obligatory June Gloom, what Treasury yields may appear to […]

FANG Flop Sparks D(own)-Day For Stocks As Dollar Dumps To 8-Month Lows

73 years ago today…   Gold remains the big winner post-payrolls…   Quiet day for US Macro didn’t help as stocks opened under pressure after overnight weakness in Asia (USDJPY and NKY), staged the ubiquitous ramp back to try and get to unchanged.. only to fade into the close…   FANG Stocks got hammered in […]

“The S&P 500 Is Now Overvalued On 18 Of 20 Valuation Metrics”

After last week’s brief FBI “memogate” inspired volatility spike, some have asked if the resulting market decline (down a “whopping” -0.4% on the week) has made stocks more attractive. Here is the quick answer according to Bank of America: based on the 20 most widely used valuation metrics, the S&P remains significantly overvalued on 18 […]

Trump’s Budget Will Slash $1.7 Trillion In Entitlements, Cut Food Stamps By 25%

More details from President Donald Trump’s first budget proposal are trickling out via a flurry of overnight reports from The Washington Post, Associated Press and Bloomberg News. Here are some of the highlights from the latest batch of trial balloons: The budget will slash $1.7 trillion in spending on entitlement programs, according to Bloomberg. Trump’s […]

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