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Paul Montgomery

President & Founder

Paul MontgomeryPaul is veteran precious metals executive who has facilitated more than $10 billion in trades. Throughout the course of his 31 year career, he has served in leadership positions at several prominent precious metals companies as well as noted trade organizations.

He was CEO and business partner with noted gold bug and entrepreneur James U. Blanchard III at the Jefferson Companies in New Orleans, Louisiana. Mr. Blanchard, an early mentor for Paul, is often referred to as the father of precious metals trading in the United States.

Paul also served as president for Bowers and Merena Gallery, now Stack’s of New York. In this role Paul facilitated the emergence of a struggling company into one of the preeminent auction houses in America. It was during this time that Paul gained celebrity among rare coin enthusiasts for his role in recovering one of history’s rarest coins, the 1913 Walton specimen Liberty Nickel. The story was memorialized in Paul’s book Million Dollar Nickels (Zyrus Press 2005), and on several television programs including, Strange Inheritance on the Fox Business Channel.

Paul served as executive vice-president and member of the executive committee for the American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX), of Oklahoma City. At APMEX, Paul enjoyed responsibility for virtually all aspects of operations including merchandising, purchasing, sales and new business development. His crowning achievement was his role in the creation of the APMEX Bullion Center on eBay. Serving as executive sponsor and project manager, Paul was instrumental in creating one of the largest single sellers in eBay marketplace history.

Paul is also an industry leader in advocacy for precious metals consumers, working hand in hand with the Federal Trade Commission, The Securities and Exchange Commission, the American Numismatics Association, the United States Department of Justice and various state attorneys general. Paul has made it his life’s mission to recover the losses of consumers defrauded by deceptive trade practices.

Throughout his career, Paul’s goal has been to uphold the industry’s highest ethical standards. This is well reflected in his professional affiliations and recognition’s:

  • Paul is a lifetime member of the American Numismatic Association and was honored in 2008 when presented the association’s President’s Award for his dedication and contributions to the industry
  • He is past president of the Professional Numismatists Guild, This industry group was formed in 1955 to establish and maintain high standards and serve as the ethical guardian for the numismatic trade. Fewer than 300 numismatists nationwide qualify for membership.
  • The PNG honored Paul in 2001 with the Sol S. Kaplan Award. This award, jointly presented by the PNG and the Lewis M. Reagan Foundation, recognizes those who work to rid the profession of fraud and thievery, and for upholding the PNG’s ethical standards.
  • In 2011, Paul was recognized by the PNG and presented with the Abe Kosoff Founders Award, the highest honor in the numismatic trade, for his enthusiastic leadership and dedication to the industry. The Kosoff Award is named after PNG’s Founding President who spearheaded the launch of the organization.
  • Paul continues to serve as a board member (since1995) and was previously chairman (2000-2002), of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA). He also serves as Treasurer for ICTA’s lobbying arm, the Coalition for Equitable Taxation and Regulation (CERT). Both organizations were formed with a mandate to protect the rights of investors against legislation that inhibits trade in the industry.

Paul’s Favorite Precious Metal Investments

I personally reach for the sovereign products. From a resale perspective, it doesn’t really make much of a difference as the buy/sell premium are about the same. With that in mind, I go for what I like.

The American Eagle

Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie and ……American Eagles!

The American Buffalo

Front and back a beautiful coin depicting the heritage of the “Heartland” of America

The Canadian Maple Leaf

Our friends from the north build a beautiful 24 karat coin.

The Austrian Philharmonic

This is the most sought after bullion coin in Europe. My affection for music draws me to the design.

The Chinese Panda

With a new design every single year since 1982 the 24k Panda never disappoints!

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