Gold: $1,457.605.30 Silver: $16.880.00

Heartland’s Exchange Policy

We absolutely want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchases and interaction with Heartland. If we can, we will return and replace any defective product as soon as possible. Please let us know you would like to initiate a product exchange within 14 days of the day you receive your product shipment from us.

Simply email us, or call us toll free at (877) 360-3945 (press 2 for Customer Service), and we will handle the situation from there. We will provide complete details on how to return any products. We certainly hope you never have to do this, but in case of human error or the occasional defect, we want to take care of you the best we can.

Order Cancellations

At Heartland, we know that sometimes you place an order and then, for whatever reason, you need to cancel it. That’s OK. We have a way to take care of you.

The precious metals market constantly fluctuates. Please be certain of the products you want to purchase before you complete your order with us. Once you have placed your trade online or over the phone with us, it is an agreement. When you place an order with us, we lock in the price. If you need to cancel your order, there may be a market loss that occurs for which you will be responsible. You can get complete details about this policy in our Terms and Conditions here.

Heartland’s Market Loss Policy

In a nutshell, if you cancel and the market has moved up since you placed your order, there will be a difference that you will be required to pay in addition to the order cancellation fee of $50.00 (USD). If you cancel and the spot price has moved down, then there is a market difference, which Heartland will assume. However, you will still be assessed a $50.00 (USD) cancellation fee.

In the case that you fail to pay for an order you have placed with us, we will automatically cancel your order after a specified time-frame. In this case, you would be liable for the cancellation fee plus any market loss that has occurred.

If you have any outstanding market loss or cancellation fees, you will not be able to place an online or over the phone order with us until this is resolved according to our policies.

Changing Your Order at Heartland

Once you place your order, we are not able to substitute or change products for you. To accomplish this, we would need to cancel your original order and place a new order for you. This will result in our Order Cancellation procedures as well as a potential market loss.

While we want you to be completely satisfied and will do all that we can to take care of you along the way, there are inherent risks for potential financial losses to us that we simply have to protect against.

Heartland Precious Metals