Gold: $1,470.400.90 Silver: $16.990.16


Providing steadfast financial security across the millennia

Proven itself across the millennia, gold is a wise choice for achieving financial security.

Unlike stocks, bonds and paper currency, no government can devalue your gold, no corporation’s performance can dilute your gold and no computer hacker can access your gold. Gold’s value is compact – you can store impressive wealth in a few coins or bars that fit easily into a safety deposit box or vault.

If you need to access that wealth, gold is easy to sell; it is real currency valued worldwide and more recognizable than any other metal. Most importantly, gold has demonstrated that it’s virtually inflation-proof. Even if purchased a century ago, one ounce of gold has about the same purchasing power of that same gold today.

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Why do we do this?

There are thousands of gold products, but you won’t see them on our website. We have been involved in the industry for decades and traded billions in the commodity. We understand what consumers value and what they don’t. That’s why we only offer gold products that are recognized  worldwide as the most actively traded products so that you can be assured of a simple, easy, efficient investing experience.

We want to give you both the smartest investment and the highest liquidity. We believe they are one and the same. If you bought from us today, we want you to be able to sell tomorrow if you need to and receive a fair, transparent return on your investment. In essence, we want you to get what is best for you, not what will give us the highest margins.

We want to provide you with an honest value instead of making you pay a high markup on a product that few in the marketplace want. Furthermore, we want to ensure you have a storehouse of wealth that can serve you and your family for generations.

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