Gold: $1,470.301.00 Silver: $16.990.17

Gold_Chinese_Panda_1-oz_2015_front-Heartland_Precious_MetalsChinese Gold Pandas

Manicured Excellence of The Far East

First released in 1982, the Chinese Gold Panda bullion coins have rapidly become favored by investors who value beautiful coins. The obverse of the coins expressively feature the pride of China – the Giant Panda, in remarkable relief and detail. Set in a naturalist habitat, the coins speak of the rich history of gold in Chinese culture over the centuries. The reverse continues this story of historic grandeur, featuring the Temple of Heaven in Bejing, China.

Each Gold Panda coin is also clearly marked with weights of 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10 and 1/20 troy ounces and purity stamps, ensuring you are investing in one of the purest gold coins available. Chinese Gold Panda coins have a Chinese Yuan face value which corresponds to the weight of each coin.

Produced by China’s premier precious metals mint, the Shenzhen-Guobao Mint, each Gold Panda is guaranteed for purity and authenticity. These brilliant, uncirculated coins, make excellent additions for your portfolio, both as a bullion investment and a collectible asset.

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