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Gold Bullion from the Old World: Classic sovereign gold coins

Gold was, and still is, the money of kings. These gold sovereign coins reflect the design, culture and heritage of Old World Europe. Splendid designs depict the golden age of European global dominance in both military and financial aspects. Each coin, minted from various classic mints in Europe, feature classic coin design elements that are highly recognized worldwide. While some of these coins are relatively modern issues, each is recognized as a classic Old World bullion coin, reminding us of the day when gold coins were the coin of the realm and used in everyday transactions. When you want your portfolio to demonstrate classic sophistication and the elegance of old world royalty, then Old World Gold Bullion may be a sound investment choice because of their relative scarcity compared to modern-issue bullion. These magnificently designed coins provide investors privacy, portability and a store of wealth literally fit for a king. When you purchase Old World Gold Bullion coins, you gain both the value of the gold and the premium price that can occur when there’s demand in the marketplace. Additionally, you have a piece of history that serves as a constant reminder of the timeless adage:

“Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants —but debt is the money of slaves.”
— Norm Franz (Money and Wealth of the New Millennium: A Prophetic Guide to New World Economic Order)
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