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Palladium Coins

The Palladium Maple Leaf: The finest purity backed by the Canadian government

We sell only one palladium coin and that’s the Palladium Maple Leaf issued by the Royal Canadian Mint. Why only one? Frankly, we only choose inventory that is in the highest demand in the marketplace. And the Palladium Maple Leaf is the undisputed favorite. You can rest assured knowing that if you had to sell these coins tomorrow you would get a fair price.

Keep in mind that we buy back everything we sell, including palladium. Some dealers are hesitant to purchase palladium simply because it looks too much like silver. They don’t understand the nuances between the metals or palladium’s impressive value. Even though palladium is 30 times rarer than gold, it is about half its price which makes it a promising investment.

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Additional Information

The Palladium Maple Leaf stands apart from other palladium coins for several reasons, including:

Guaranteed quality — There’s one troy ounce of palladium minted at 99.995% finest purity in each coin. Weight and content are guaranteed, stamped on each coin and backed by the Canadian government. To maintain their perfection, each Palladium Maple Leaf is taken directly from the Canadian Royal Mint press and sealed in transparent protective packaging.

Liquidity — Palladium Maple Leafs are the only legal tender palladium coins, and are easy to store and transport. They have a face value of $50 CDN though the trading value is significantly higher. Furthermore, investors want to buy them because they’re the most recognized and valued coin in the marketplace.

Design –The shimmering silver white metal is unlike any other. It doesn’t rust or oxidize. This makes palladium a striking backdrop for an updated portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and Canada’s national symbol, the Maple Leaf.

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