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Platinum Bars

The cost-effective, convenient platinum investment choice

Platinum bars are a cost-effective and convenient investment opportunity to diversify your precious metals portfolio.

You pay a lower premium for your investment because you’re investing in the metal and the production of the bar, not mintage, design or potential collectability. In essence, platinum bars give you the highest platinum content for your dollar.

Most of our bars are produced in Switzerland by two private organizations: PAMP Suisse (Products Artistiques de Metaux Precieux) and Credit Suisse, a global investment house. Both have stellar reputations. Their platinum bars are instantly recognizable in the global marketplace and bars bearing their hallmark are universally trusted by investors and dealers. This will make it easier for you to attain a fair price if you choose to sell.

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Additional Information

About PAMP Suisse Bars

Each PAMP Suisse bar has mirrored surfaces, squared corners and prominent security hallmarks. But what makes them especially appealing and unusual is that they are engraved with the image of Lady Fortuna. She is the goddess of luck in Greek mythology and the first artistic design to decorate a metal bar.

About Credit Suisse Bars

While Credit Suisse bars have a very clean, simple design, they are instantly recognized by brokers and investors. Each bar is stamped with weight and purity, and a six-digit serial number for easy identification. When brokers and investors see the Credit Suisse hallmark, they instantly equate that identification with the highest quality and value.

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