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Silver Bars

Low Premium, High Demand

When you simply want to invest in silver, silver bars provide the lowest premium price of all silver bullion products, and command extremely high demand in the marketplace.

Here’s why: silver bars, like gold bars, provide economies of scale.

Silver bars are cheaper to produce than sovereign mint silver coins and we’re happy to pass this savings along to you. To this extent, your investment dollar buys you more ounces of silver in bar form than you could realize in coin form. This is why many of our customers prefer silver bars.

With silver bars, you can choose from a vast variety of shapes and refiners, with sizes ranging from one-tenth of an ounce all the way up to 1,000 ounce bars. This allows you far more investment options wholly dependent on your specific preferences.

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Additional Information

Generally speaking, lowest premiums may be found on the larger silver bars, however, this may be offset by reduced liquidity. Smaller bars, albeit at a higher premium, provide greater flexibility in many cases, allowing you to redeem fractional quantities of your investment as needed.

To help increase your liquidity, we sell silver bars only from the most trusted sovereign mints and private refiners. Silver bars are stamped with the company name or logo of the mint, along with attribution for purity and actual silver weight.

For a simple, straightforward precious metals investment, silver bars will serve you well.

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