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90% Silver Coins: Invest in silver and America’s history at a value

When you want your silver served with a slice of history, you’ll value 90% silver coins. Often referred to as “junk silver,” these are simply United States dimes, quarters, and half-dollars minted before 1965 – more than a half-century ago. They are called “junk silver” because they bear the scars and blemishes of daily use for over 50 years.

As one of the first, clear indications of the devaluation of the U.S. dollar, the federal government decided to produce U.S. coins for circulation without any silver content beginning in 1965.

These 90% silver coins represent an era in American history where true, honest value was everywhere, even in a single circulating dime. They are a lasting testament to the strength and endurance of our nation. Of course, today, that pre-1965 dime is worth much more than its face value, further illustrating the ongoing devaluation of the U.S. dollar.

Especially popular for those who want to hedge against an economic collapse, 90% silver coins, which were used as currency until 1965, could make it easier for these coins to be used as currency again. If, or rather when, we experience hyperinflation again, 90% silver coins may likely be the first alternative currency that people will use in day-to-day commerce. Simply put, they won’t lose their intrinsic value, and they are easily recognized.

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