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Silver_Australian_Kookaburra_1-oz_2015_back-Heartland_Precious_MetalsPerth Mint Silver

Cutting Edge Designs In World-Class Silver

The Perth Mint of Australia utilizes cutting edge minting techniques in their adaptations and innovations when it comes to producing some of the most interesting and gorgeous silver bullion coins available today. From Silver Kookaburra coins to Silver Koalas and the legendary Lunar I and Lunar II series Chinese Zodiac coins, each coin design is updated every year, creating a bullion coin that has immediate collector appeal. With these intricate, unique and simply stunning designs, it’s easy to see why the Perth Mint continues to produce silver bullion coins that are highly sought after as investments.

Struck from .9999 fine silver planchets, specially produced for the Perth Mint, result in stunningly brilliant designs and final coin products. Perth Mint silver coins enjoy an extremely strong market demand, creating stable residual premium pricing in the secondary market. Because of this, you have a significant opportunity to liquidate your holdings at nearly any time, and recoup a high per coin premium.

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