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Silver_Rounds_1-oz_back-Heartland_Precious_MetalsSilver Rounds

Opportunities in high-demand, low-premium silver

Another alternative when you want to invest in the primary value of the metal is with silver rounds. Providing some of the lowest premium prices of all silver bullion products, silver rounds command extremely high demand in the marketplace and have a greater variety of coin-like designs. Many borrow classic designs from popular coins of the past.

Unlike sovereign mint silver coins, rounds are produced by private mints and refineries and carry no face value or monetary denomination. However, each round is stamped with purity and the actual silver weight specifications.

Silver rounds, similar to bars, are more cost efficient to produce than sovereign mint silver coins. Many of our customers prefer to invest in silver rounds, which offer the opportunity to get more ounces of silver than you could realize in sovereign coins.

Offered in one ounce and fractional sizes, smaller rounds may provide greater flexibility in some cases, allowing you to redeem fractional quantities of your investment as needed.

To help increase your liquidity, we sell silver rounds only from the most trusted private refiners. Silver rounds are one of the more popular ways to invest in silver.

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