Gold: $1,465.003.80 Silver: $16.700.07

Why Curated?

We Sell Approximately 100 Products That Make up 90% of the Precious Metals Marketplace

We’re not like other precious metals dealers — on purpose. Other sites often sell hundreds, if not thousands, of products, which can create confusion and frustration for investors. Our experience tells us that 90% of all precious metals investments involve only about 100 of the most popular products worldwide. Because our goal is to make buying and selling precious metals simple and provide you an honest value, we only offer this specific product selection.

By offering only these globally recognized products, we guarantee that we will always buy back those products when you are ready to liquidate your holdings into currency. In that way, we can provide you with a simple two-way market at any time.

Review Our Inventory before Making a Precious Metals Investment

Our inventory consists of products that are consistently and universally considered the most valued products in the marketplace. If you bought them today and needed to sell tomorrow, you would get a fair price. Remember, your investment is worth what the market will bear, whether you liquidate it tomorrow, in a year or 50 years from now. Precious metals have been a store of wealth for thousands of years and will continue for thousands more.

Even if you decide to do business with another broker, come to our website first to make sure that what you’re getting is an honest value.

Heartland Precious Metals