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Gold Charts

Stay informed with up-to-the-second gold spot price charts and historical gold prices in a simple to use, interactive chart. Quickly select from preset one, three, five or 12 month time frames, YTD or All Time charts, or enter custom dates through the input or slider at the bottom of the chart. Once you select the timeframe, the displays shows the relation of gold spot prices relative to common investment charts like the DOW, S&P 500, or other commodities like Crude Oil.

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Gold: Providing steadfast financial security across the millennia

For financial security that has proven itself across the millennia, gold is a wise choice.


Unlike stocks, bonds and paper currency, no government can devalue your gold, no corporate performance can dilute your gold, and no computer hacker can access your gold. Gold’s value is compact — you can store impressive wealth in a few coins or bars that fit easily into a safety deposit box or vault. If you need to liquidate that wealth, gold is easy to sell as a real currency valued worldwide and more recognizable than any other metal. Most importantly, gold has demonstrated that it is virtually inflation-proof. One ounce of gold purchased a century ago had about the same purchasing power as it does today.

There are thousands of gold products, but you won’t see them on our website. We have been involved in the industry for decades and have traded billions in the commodity. We understand what our customers value and what they don’t. That is why we only offer gold products recognized worldwide as the most actively traded products so that you can be assured of a simple, easy and efficient investing experience.

How Can I Buy Gold As An Investment?

While there are gold mining stocks, gold ETFs and other investments that some people claim to be backed in gold, there is simply nothing that compares to the cold hard fact: gold is real wealth.

Most often, you will see gold in the form of bars or coins. Gold coins are produced by sovereign mints of the world and usually have a face value in the local currency of the country of origin. While a few gold rounds do exist, gold rounds are round like a coin, but are not currency denominated or backed by a specific country of origin. Gold rounds are produced by private mints just like gold bars. Gold rounds and gold bars have purity, weight and certificate stamps or assay cards.

How often is the Gold Spot Price Updated?

You will notice that our charts have a ton of information, which we update in real time, every time you refresh the page. If we constantly automatically updated the information the chart would be constantly moving, making it harder to read and understand the information presented by the gold spot price chart.

What is the Gold Spot Price?

The gold spot price is driven by the futures market, but is the universal gauge for measuring the value of the underlying metal. In the case of precious metals like gold, this is the amount of currency it would take to purchase one Troy Ounce of gold at any given moment in time.

This price is updated every few seconds during market hours and is based on current market conditions, such as supply, demand and other economic factors. Often the price of gold is affected by current events which make the price of gold can go up or down significantly in any given day.

How Does The Gold Spot Price Affect Me?

The spot price is the primary driver for the pricing you see on a given product. Generally speaking, the higher the spot price, the higher the price for the final coin or bar, and as the spot price decreases, then the final price for the coin or bar will go down relative to the spot price. Almost all gold products, like Gold American Eagles, Gold Maple Leafs and even jewelry, are priced based on the spot price for the underlying metal value plus any premium associated with the type of gold product.

Gold Spot Price FAQs

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