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Precious Metals IRA: Self-Directed Investments To Secure Your Future

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), which provide savings for retirement while reducing taxes, are traditionally stock-market investments. They’re directed by brokers who earn trade fees and brokerage charges.

Do you know you can also invest in a precious metals IRA?

While you should always consult with a professional financial advisor to determine which IRA meets your needs, a precious metals IRA stands apart because it doesn’t require broker management. You control your investment. You determine how much you want to invest, which metals you want to invest in, and where you’ll store your investment.

We can help, whether you want to start a new IRA or rollover part or all of an existing one. Our partners and traders have more than a century of combined experience in setting up IRAs so your transfer can be seamless, simple and correct. It just takes three simple steps:

3 Steps to Opening an IRA

Complete the form at right. This will be used to select an IRA custodian. All IRAs must be held by a custodial entity such as a bank, credit union, trust company or an entity that is licensed and regulated by the IRS. By law, you need a custodian to invest in an IRA.

The custodian will set up your account. Then you can add funds directly or rollover funds from another IRA.

Once your order is finalized, your IRA custodian will wire funds to Heartland and we will deliver your order to the IRA custodian depository. That’s it! Sit back and relax knowing part of your retirement is secured in the precious metal of your choice.

Four Keys to Retirement Planning

wood-oneKey #1. Start Early – Finish Strong

Saving for retirement is a marathon not a sprint. It stands to reason that the earlier you start saving, the more you’ll have when you need it. Starting earlier, with even the smallest investment, will help you in the long run.

wood-twoKey #2. Allocate

While you should always consult with your own financial advisor, many recommend that 5% to 10% of your retirement be invested in precious metals. To achieve this allocation, they advise their clients to buy stocks or exchange-traded funds. By investing directly in precious metals, your wealth is held securely in a tangible physical product – not a stock certificate.

wood-threeKey #3. Diversify

Diversify your IRA holdings with different metal types. The marketplace determines the value of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. One may soar while another may drop. Diversification helps you attain the best return on investment.

wood-fourKey #4. Maximize Tax Advantages

Talk to your financial adviser or tax professional about IRS rules for IRA holdings, protecting your assets and achieving the best long-term rewards.

Common IRA FAQs

Below are the most common questions we receive about IRAs. Do you have more questions or want more information? We welcome your call at (877)-360-3945. Press 1 for the Trading Department and you’ll be directed to one of our professional, friendly IRA experts.

Why would I invest in a self-directed precious metals IRA instead of an ETF (exchange-traded fund) or a GLD (gold shares)?

This is a tricky question. Most financial advisors will tell you to invest in mining stocks or an ETF as a way to invest in precious metals. Of course, they’ll incur stockbroker commissions on that stock purchase.

Physical precious metals are a tangible asset whether personally holding metals or in a secure IRA depository. Keep in mind that over the entire history of humanity, precious metals have never been valued at zero, unlike stocks or mutual funds.

Here’s best advice: talk with your financial advisor. But remember, they do have a vested interest in specific types of investments.

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Does Heartland earn any additional commissions on precious metal IRA sales?

Not at all. At Heartland, we only make our regular small profit on the sale of the metal itself. While we have working relationships with a variety of IRA custodians, we do not earn commissions, kickbacks or any other revenue from them. We maintain these relationships purely as a service to our customers who want this type of precious metal investment to protect their retirement funds.

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I want to have the precious metals in my personal possession – is this possible?

Yes and no. If you want precious metals in your IRA account, the answer is no. You cannot personally hold those metals, they must be held at a secure depository and audited by your IRA Custodian. We are required to deliver your precious metals directly to the Depository designated by the IRA Custodian.

If you want to personally take possession of your precious metals, you can simply place your order online with us. However, be aware that if you are planning on using previously saved retirement funds from an existing IRA or account, there may additional tax liabilities and penalties – we recommend you speak with your financial advisor AND your tax advisor first, to avoid any confusion.

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Can I close my IRA Account and take physical delivery of my precious metals?

You can request that your IRA Custodian liquidate part or all of your precious metals holdings or to close your account and send you the precious metals to hold personally. However, there are tax implications that you should definitely speak with your tax advisor first. Getting the correct answer upfront is far better than learning of a mistake last minute – especially with taxes.

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Is there a minimum amount I need to invest for a precious metals IRA?

At Heartland, we believe that anything is better than nothing at all. However, in order to keep our prices low and our level of service high for you, we do have to maintain a minimum order amount of $100.

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What precious metals products can I add to my IRA account?

As you look through the Heartland website, you will see specific products labelled as “IRA Eligible.” You can also use the search function to locate all the available IRA eligible products we carry.

We will help you along the way, helping you select products that are eligible and make sense from an investing standpoint.

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How long does it take for my precious metals to be in my IRA account?

After you have funded your IRA account and placed your order, we will work with your IRA Custodian for payment from your account. Usually this only takes a few days, so we can deliver your precious metals to the IRA Depository immediately afterwards. Delivery typically takes a 3-5 days to arrive at the Depository, where it is received and allocated into your account.

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How are my metals protected and insured at the Depository?

Each precious metals Depository is a secure facility, where every coin or bar is catalogued, insured and allocated to your account. During delivery, your order will be insured and tracking numbers will be available, so you can rest assured that your products are delivered where they should be – when they should be delivered.  Your Depository can provide additional information on how your precious metals are protected while in their possession.

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How do I actually know my metals are at the Depository?

Every Depository provides complete accounting and reporting, to give you complete confidence that your metals are safe and sound, right where they belong and ready for you to liquidate should you need to do so. Each customer’s allocation are fully segregated, so your metal is not commingled with any other customer’s holdings.

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I already have an IRA, can I roll over part or all of it to a precious metals IRA?

Yes, once you select an IRA Custodian and open your account, you will be able to rollover or transfer your IRA funds to this account. Heartland is not directly involved in this process, but we can certainly recommend reputable IRA Custodians that we routinely work with to help you.

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What is the timeframe for an IRA/ 401K Rollover?

Because each company has their own rules in addition to IRS mandates, this can vary. However, some IRA custodians can accomplish a new account in just a few days and have funding rolled over from your old accounts in just a few weeks.

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How long do I have to deposit funds from my 401K?

If you are rolling over a 401K, generally those funds will be directly released to you. In order to avoid any penalties, you will want to deposit those funds in your new IRA Custodian account within 60 days. Your tax advisor can provide additional details, so you should speak with them before you close your 401K account, so you know exactly what you need to do.

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Can I have multiple IRA accounts?

Yes, and to obtain details on this, we recommend you speak with your financial planner or tax professional. Generally, you can have more than one IRA account, but the total maximum contribution remains fixed, no matter how many IRAs you may have open.

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What are the annual IRA contribution limits?

This is a question for your IRA Custodian or Financial Planner and depending upon your income and specific type of accounts you have, you may have some limits.

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Will there be a shipping charge on my IRA order?

All Heartland orders, for IRA or other orders, are shipped free of charge. There could potentially be an additional charge to receive your order at your chosen IRA Custodian, so be sure to check your terms with your Custodian.

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Will I have any additional fees for storage of my IRA precious metals?

Depending on the size of your IRA account, you may have some additional fees from your custodian or depository. These will be fully disclosed to you in the process of opening an account with them.

Specific IRA Custodians may have different rules and minimums, which you will discover in the account opening process.

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