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Platinum Charts

Get up to the second platinum spot price charts and historical platinum prices in a simple to use, interactive chart. Quickly select from preset one, three, five or 12 month time frames, YTD or All Time charts, or enter custom dates through the input or slider at the bottom of the chart. Once you have the timeframe selected, you can also view the relation of platinum spot prices relative to common investment charts like the DOW, S&P 500 or other commodities like Crude Oil.

Platinum: Portfolio diversification driven by robust industrial demand



After gold and silver, platinum remains the most popular precious metal for investors. Unlike gold and silver — which are used to protect wealth — platinum’s attractiveness mainly occurs through market speculators who expect industrial demand to increase, subsequently driving up the value of the metal.

While it is generally true that there exists a relatively predictable correlation between gold and silver, we often find that the platinum market seemingly has a mind of its own, driven mostly by industrial supply, seasonality and other demand factors.

Historically, when the stock market does poorly, gold and silver tend to do well. However, because of its broad industrial applications, and its role as both a practical and a luxury jewelry metal, platinum often rallies along with the stock market.

Therefore, while building a portfolio of gold and silver that may protect and grow your wealth no matter what is happening in the marketplace, investing in platinum may provide a wiser alternative for your portfolio.

How Can I Buy Platinum As An Investment?

While there are platinum mining stocks, platinum ETFs and other investments that some people claim to be backed in platinum or directly influenced by the spot price of platinum, these investments are more directly tied to other market conditions, company performance or must be managed by others which could affect their value over time.

Most often, you will see platinum in the form of bars or coins. Platinum coins are produced by sovereign mints of the world and usually have a face value in the local currency of the country of origin.

There are also small selections of platinum rounds produced by private mints just like platinum bars. These rounds look similar to coins, but do not carry a denominated face value like coins, and they are not guaranteed by a sovereign mint. Platinum rounds and platinum bars both have purity, weight and certificate stamps or assay cards and are available in wide assortment of sizes, shapes and weights.

How often is the Platinum Spot Price Updated?

Our charts have a ton of information as you can see. We update the information in real time, every time you refresh the page. If we constantly automatically updated the information the chart would be constantly moving, making it harder to read and understand the information the platinum spot price chart is presenting for you.

What is the Platinum Spot Price?

The platinum spot price is driven by the futures market, but is the universal gauge for measuring the value of the underlying metal. In the case of precious metals like platinum, this is the amount of currency it would take to purchase one Troy Ounce of platinum at any given moment in time.

This price is updated every few seconds during market hours and is based on current market conditions, supply demand and other economic factors. Often the price of platinum is affected by current events which make the price of platinum can go up or down significantly in any given day.

How Does The Platinum Spot Price Affect Me?

Platinum products, like Platinum American Eagles, Platinum Maple Leafs, or even jewelry in many cases, are priced based on the spot price for the underlying metal value plus any premium associated with the type of platinum product (bar or coin). The spot price is the primary driver for the pricing you see on a given product. Generally speaking, the higher the spot price, the higher the price for the final coin or bar and as the spot price decreases the final price for the coin or bar will go down relative to the spot price.

Platinum Spot Price FAQs

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