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Precious Metal Charts

The precious metals spot price charts you see on this page cover all the live spot prices of the precious metals we track – gold, silver, platinum and palladium – all in one simple, easy to navigate chart interface.

Follow each metal type by clicking on the type of metal on the top of the chart. Our interactive charts display the current spot prices for that metal type, as well as the high, low and daily amount of change in both dollars and percentage.

To review how a particular precious metal has performed over a certain time frame, simply use the slider for date ranges or enter specific dates. In addition, many investors compare precious metals against common other investment tools like the Dow, S&P 500 or even Crude Oil or the Euro. This provides information on how a specific metal performed over a period of time which assists the customer in developing investment strategies to meet their goals.

We also explain the methods used on a daily basis in our own investing strategies. As always, each investor is unique in their financial strategies and these suggestions from Heartland are not intended to provide unique or personal financial advice. Please consult your professional investment advisor when determining your personal financial investment strategies.

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Performance over Time

You can use the quick reference buttons for one, three, six or 12 months, YTD or All Time. Additionally, use the slider at the bottom of the chart to determine a custom date view, or use the input values to research from and to specific dates. This graphically demonstrates the value (in US Dollars) how a particular metal has been priced over that time period. Moving the cursor over peaks and valleys on the chart displays the highest value for that particular precious metal on that unique day.

Please be aware that the shorter the time frame you consider, the greater the chance that short-term events affect the price of the metal. Longer time frames provides better trending data on a specific metal type. Because of the nature of precious metals, it is generally better to review both long and short term movements in correlation to other market indicators and events.

Dollar Cost Averaging Strategies

Many precious metals investors consider holding precious metals long term as a hedge against inflation or to provide a flexible, tangible and portable financial asset they can use anywhere in the world. To meet these objectives many financial advisors utilize a strategy called “dollar cost averaging.”

DCA is a simple mathematical tool used to calculate the value and potential return of an investment. Simply take the total cost of your bullion precious metals investments (based on metal types), and divide by the number of ounces so that you have the average cost per ounce invested. This provides a fixed cost per ounce measure against the spot price, which constantly fluctuates. In this way, you can determine what the return would be per ounce. If you plan on making consistent bullion precious metals purchases over a period of time, this is one of the easiest ways to determine the relative value of your precious metals portfolio.

With this tool, long term investors become less concerned with large swings up or down in value, preferring instead to look at a long term average. While most investors recognize that spot price swings may indicate a more advantageous time to either purchase or sell, DCA softens the times when you may not time the market perfectly, thus helping you protect your investments over the long term.

Technical Analysis

For those very sophisticated investors who prefer to work short term, Heartland provides a wide variety of interactive charts and additional resources to help you identify and pursue investment strategies that could be rewarding for short term holdings of precious metals.

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