Gold: $1,470.500.80 Silver: $16.980.16

Precious Metals Market Alerts

Life is busy and fun. Get out there.

You have better things to do than sit around watching precious metal spot charts on your phone or online all day. Why not set it and forget it?

Staying on top of the markets is now easier than ever with Heartland’s Market Alerts – best of all it’s 100% FREE.

You don’t even have to sign up with us to get these Alerts. Just sign in with your favorite social media login like Facebook, Google + or other social logins, and we’ll watch the market for you and let you know when change happens through email or SMS text message.

MarketAlert_Text-EmailSo, if you want to …

  • Know when gold reaches $2,000 an ounce so you can sell and make a handsome profit – just log in, follow the intuitive prompts and get the alert through email or text message when that benchmark happens, then call us to make the trade.
  • Be alerted when silver drops 10% from its current spot price so you can back up the truck and load up – log in, set the alert and forget about it until you get the email or text telling you what happened, then place your order online or over the phone with us.
  • Watch for platinum to drop another $50 or 3.57% before you make the move to add Platinum Eagles to your portfolio – we have you covered. You set it up, and we will email or text you when your criteria are met and take care of your transaction when you are ready.

You can set up an unlimited number of alerts for each metal type, based on increases or decreases of spot price in dollars, percentages or based on specific thresholds. With this much flexibility, you are automatically notified of major or minor market moves.

What are you waiting for?

Get started right now by logging in using the Social Logins to the right. It’s easy, fast and convenient.

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