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Silver Charts

Get up to the second silver spot price charts and historical silver prices in a simple to use, interactive chart. Quickly select from preset one, three, five or 12 month time frames, YTD or All Time charts or enter custom dates through the input or slider at the bottom of the chart. Once you have the time frame selected, you can also view the relation of silver spot prices relative to common investment charts like the DOW, S&P 500 or other commodities like Crude Oil.

Our charts show the current silver bid and ask spot price, daily high and low, plus the amount and percentage of the daily change.

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Silver: The precious metals investment for all generations


Whether you are investing millions of dollars or just a few hundred dollars, there is a silver investment for you. A versatile precious metal, silver offers a wide variety of sovereign mint coins, rounds and bars available in a range of sizes. Silver presents investors with diverse opportunities.

We focus upon giving you the best silver investment. That is why you will not find thousands of different products on our site – we used our expertise and experience to help simplify your selection process to the most popular and widely accepted silver products available worldwide.

Here’s why: if you find yourself in a situation where you had to sell your silver tomorrow, we want to make sure you sell it for a fair price. If you buy an uncommon product, chances are that you may be only to sell it for a fraction of its purchase price. We study the marketplace intensely to ensure our inventory includes only the products that have proven to be in high demand and provide you the best silver content for every dollar you invest.

Silver is your answer for diversification, liquidity, flexibility and universal acceptance.

How Can I Buy Silver As An Investment?

While there are silver mining stocks, silver ETFs and other investments that some people claim to be backed in silver, nothing compares to the feel of the heft of your investment in your own bare hands.

Most often, silver trades in the form of bars or coins. Silver coins, produced by sovereign mints of the world, usually have a face value in the local currency of the country of origin.

Private mints also produce a vast selection of silver rounds and silver bars. Silver rounds and silver bars both have purity, weight and certificate stamps or assay cards and are available in wide assortment of sizes, shapes and weights.

These rounds look similar to coins, but do not carry a denominated face value like coins, and they are not guaranteed by a sovereign mint. Nonetheless, silver rounds are one of the most popular ways to invest in silver bullion.

How often is the Silver Spot Price Updated?

You will find that our charts contain a ton of information, which we update in real time, every time you refresh the page. While instantaneous updates may seem useful, the constant changing proves difficult to follow and understand, ultimately frustrating its purposes.

What is the Silver Spot Price?

The silver spot price is driven by the futures market, but is the universal gauge for measuring the value of the underlying metal. In the case of precious metals like silver, this is the amount of currency it would take to purchase one Troy Ounce of silver at any given moment in time.

This price is updated every few seconds during market hours and is based on current market conditions, supply, demand and other economic factors. Often the price of silver is affected by current events which make the price of silver can go up or down significantly in any given day.

How Does the Silver Spot Price Affect Me?

Since silver products, like Silver American Eagles, Silver Maple Leafs, or even jewelry, in many cases are priced based on the spot price for the underlying metal value PLUS any premium associated with the type of silver product (bar or coin). The spot price is the primary driver for the pricing you see on a given product. Generally speaking, the higher the spot price, the higher the price for the final coin or bar, and as the spot price decreases, then the final price for the coin or bar will go down relative to the spot price.

Silver Spot Price FAQs

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